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Community Outreach - Victoria Trevino   [email protected]
  Austin AHU has selected the following organization to support:    because live music is the heart and soul of Austin and access to mental health services will help keep the industry thriving.”

In June 2020 AAHU was Proud to deliver a $500 check to The SIMS Foundation to support mental health awareness month. Executive Director Patsy Dolan Bouressa commented, “This donation will cover 3 days of in-patient medical pdetox. It goes a really long way and we are eternally grateful!” Thanks to all AHU members who donated!

  • SIMS Foundation provides mental health and addiction recovery services for Austin musicians, music industry professionals, and their families to support the well-being of the Austin music community. Living as a musician can be a real challenge working under the stress of an unstable income, a skyrocketing cost of living, erratic tour schedules, distance from family and support, and constant proximity to drugs and alcohol. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one in five Texans experiences a mental health condition each year, yet Texas ranks 46th among U.S. states for mental health care accessibility. That’s why SIMS Foundation ensures that members of Austin’s music community have access to a full array of mental health and substance use recovery treatments, delivered with no barriers and at low or no cost.

  • To succeed in their work, SIMS Foundation has built a community of health care providers, volunteers, local business leaders, music industry professionals, and Austin music fans to amplify its efforts. You, TOO, can get involved.

Kenneth Walker, AAHU President presenting donation check to Heather Alden, Executive Director Sims Foundation at our November 2018 Fundraising Event at Urban Axes.

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Volunteer with Austin AHU members
Austin Music Awards 
Wednesday, February 27 2018 (7pm)
ACL Live at the Moody Theater
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