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Come join us in July!!

July Monthly Luncheon Thursday, July 13th!

What time? Registration begins at 11:00 am and the program begins at 11:30 am. 

Where? Chez Zee- 5406 Balcones Drive, Austin, TX 78731

Nedra Clingan, TAHU Secretary 2017/18, Senior Account Executive with Renaissance Dental will present a 1 hour CE  "The Eyes Have It . . . and So Do The Teeth" 

This course provides 1 hour of C.E. credit and examines the overall state of employee’s health and the direct correlation of oral and ocular health to the overall health of an employee. Nedra will also review the effects oral and ocular health have on health insurance costs and the perceived value of the benefits in the workplace.

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Legislative Update

AAHU Legislative Update


This month's summary will primarily focus on events in Texas, as the federal landscape remains unresolved. In the U.S. Senate, Republicans are striving to merely attain the necessary 50 votes required to bring legislation up for consideration. However, as of today there are nine (9) Republicans who have indicated that they will not vote to consider health care reform in its' current form. Although Republicans have a total of 52 Senators, there are only 43 Senators who favor the current legislation. It is back to the drawing board to develop consensus to bring the ACA reform legislation up for full Senate consideration.


Meanwhile here in Texas, the 85th Regular Session has ended. Subsequently, this prompted Governor Abbott  to issue a call for a "Special Session", The session is scheduled to commence on July 18th. The Special Session agenda is set by the Governor and it is usually fairly short with only a few items. However, this Special Session Call includes twenty (20) items, items which were not successful during the 85th Regular Session for a variety of political factors.


The Special Session will also playout on the playing field of the political different philosophies of Speaker Joe Straus and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick. This internal political struggle will not enhance the chances of success in the Special Session. The full agenda for the Special Session is as follows:


                        1.         Sunset Legislation.

                        2.         Teacher pay increase of $1,000.

                        3.         Administrative flexibility in teacher hiring and retention practices.

                        4.         School finance reform commission.

                        5.         School choice for special needs students.

                        6.         Property tax reform.

                        7.         Caps on state and local spending.

                        8.         Preventing cities from regulating what property owners do with trees on private land.

                        9.         Preventing local governments from changing rules midway through construction projects.

                        10.       Speeding up local government permitting process.

                        11.       Municipal annexation reform.

                        12.       Texting while driving pre-emption.

                        13.       Privacy.

                        14.       Prohibition of taxpayer dollars to collect union dues.

                        15.       Prohibition of taxpayer funding for abortion providers.

                        16.       Pro-life insurance reform.

                        17.       Strengthening abortion reporting requirements when health complications arise.

                        18.       Strengthening patient protections relating to do-not-resuscitate orders.

                        19.       Cracking down on mail-in ballot fraud.

                        20.       Extending maternal mortality task force.


Texas politics is kind of like the weather…if you don't like it, just stick around awhile. Stay informed and stay involved.


Ron Buffum

AAHU Legislative Chair

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Linda New

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